Games: Week of April 15

Santa Cruz Pony Baseball

At Harvey West Park

Monday, April 15 @ 5:00PM Giants vs. Nationals, @ 7:30PM Braves vs. Tigers
Tuesday, April 16, @ 5:00PM Padres vs. A’s, @ 7:30PM Astros vs. Red Sox
Weds. April 17, @ 5:00PM Nationals vs. Tigers, @ 7:30PM Braves vs. Giants
Thurs. April 18 @ 7:30PM A’s vs. Red Sox
Friday, April 19, @ 6:00PM Watsonville Angels vs. Astros
Saturday, April 20, @ 9:00AM Mid County Giants vs. SC Astros, @11:30AM Mid County Cubs vs. SCRed Sox @ 2:00PM Watsonville Giants vs SC Giants, @ 5:00PM Watsonville Braves vrs. SC A’s

At McElroy Field in Watsonville

Saturday, April 20, @ 12:30PM Santa Cruz Braves vs. Watsonville Indians

At Aptos Polo Grounds

Saturday, April 20 @ 9:00AM Santa Cruz Tigers vs. Mid County Blue Jays, @ 3:00PM, Santa Cruz Padres vs. Mid County Astros



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