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2012 Santa Cruz PONY Baseball Sponsors

2012 Santa Cruz PONY Sponsors

Santa Cruz Pony Baseball (SCPB) is a non-profit youth-oriented baseball league for players age 13-19 in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley. Scholarships are given to families in need.  Please consider helping SCPB with your tax-deductible contribution.  Your donation makes a dramatic difference in the quality of the program.

Your contribution will help pay for uniforms, equipment, field fees, & maintenance, and to ensure that families who are unable to afford registration are able to participate.  Pony reaches out to all members of the community on an equal basis. 

Sponsorship includes:

Banner logo at Harvey West Field from March through August

Link with logo from League website to your website

Calendar listing

Press Release mention to Santa Cruz Sentinel, Press Banner, Good Times

Visit our Sponsorship Page for information on contributing to the league.

Sponsor button


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